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Polypipe Underfloor Heating 30M² Solid Floor Room Pack So30Z

Stock code:  So30Z

Manufacturer:   Polypipe

Size:   30M² Area

£947.90 ex. VAT    £1,137.48 inc.VAT

Polypipe Underfloor Heating Solid Floor Room Pack So30Z

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RoomPack Contains:

  • Screeded Solid Floor Panels X 30
  • 15mm x 100m Pipe Coils X 3
  • Edge Insulation X 2 Rolls
  • Pipe Stiffeners X 1 Pack of 30
  • 15mm Polyplumb Tees X 2
  • 15mm Polyplumb Spigot Elbows X 2
  • ZRU (Zonal Regulation Unit PB970028) X 1
We advertise these products in convenient pack sizes, this is to enable our customers to make their purchase easier, once you have placed your order, these packs are then made to order to your precise instructions, unfortunately, once you have placed your order these products are not returnable and are not refundable, please check with your installer before making your purchase.

The Polyplumb Underfloor Heating Solid Floor Room Pack 30m2 Area with ZRU Control incorporates the unique Polyplumb screeded floor panel. The lightweight plastic floor panels nest for easy storage and carrying. Utilising these unique lightweight plastic floor panels, which are quick and easy to cut to size, it is possible to fit this underfloor heating system into any shaped room.

The solid floor panels form a simple grid to ensure the fastest possible pipe laying and also provide a precise guide for the pipe, ensuring that the minimum pipe bending radius is achieved. The panels are laid above pre-installed insulation and the system includes edging insulation strip to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

Heating Area 30M² 
Control TypeZRU
Maximum Heat Outputapprox. 100W/m²
Recommended Flow Temperature 50°C
Maximum Circuit Length 15mm Pipe 100M
Maximum Circuit Length 18mm Pipe 200M 
Maximum Coverage Per Circuit 100mm Centres 11.1m² 
Maximum Coverage Per Circuit 200mm Centres 21.2m² 
Maximum Coverage Per Circuit 300mm Centres (18mm Pipe) 30.0m² 

50 Year Guarantee details

Polypipe underfloor heating products, excluding manifolds and control products, are covered by a 50 year Guarantee*, which protects against defects in materials or manufacture of the heating system from date of purchase. 

This guarantee only applies if the system is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and is used in a normal domestic operation. 

If you have any questions regarding the guarantee please contact: Polypipe Technical Hotline on 01709 770000

Please note: Wired Control Option add in related items below 1 X UFHDIALB
RF Control Option add 1 X UFHDIALRFB & 1 X PBRECRF 


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