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Polypipe Underfloor Heating


Polypipe products at best prices – in stock and delivered next day

For a simple, easy to fit underfloor heating system, pick Polypipe. Underfloor heating installers prefer Polypipe because it keeps the project uncomplicated. Installation costs and timings reflect this, so for minimum cost and minimum inconvenience, we recommend Polypipe.

Polypipe has systems that work with all types of floor; including solid floors and floating floors.

There is even a low-profile Polypipe underfloor heating system – Polypipe Overlay Plus – that sits on top of existing floors.

Underfloor heating projects take a bit of planning, so use our costings and quote guide to work out what parts you need. As Polypipe Suppliers, TDL sell the full range of Polypipe panels and accessories, so you can shop with us for your entire underfloor heating project.

Next Day Delivery & Free delivery on orders over £100.

All of our Polypipe Underfloor Heating (also known as Polyplumb underfloor heating) is kept in stock in our warehouse and is available for next day delivery. 

Price Match Promise & Specialist Stockist

As an official Polypipe stockist, we are also able to offer a price match promise on all Polypipe underfloor heating products, so if you have seen the same item elsewhere then please get in touch.

For help and assistance any of our Polypipe products,
please contact Matt our underfloor specialist:

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What is Polypipe Underfloor Heating?

Here at TDL Online we have a massive selection of Polypipe Underfloor Heating supplies available – in fact we are confident we have everything you could possibly need to set up your property with underfloor heating. From 15mm pipe to underfloor heating manifolds to temperature controls, we’ve got the Polypipe products you need for your project.

Polypipe is a brand of underfloor heating that offers a variety of products to suit different types of flooring. There are Polypipe systems for:

  • solid floors
  • suspended floors
  • floating floors.

How does Polypipe work with a solid floor?

Polypipe Solid Floor is ideal for a site with solid wood flooring. The system allows you to add lightweight plastic panels under your solid wood flooring. This is a fast and convenient way to roll out underfloor heating, so property owners can enjoy the benefits no matter the shape or size of the room.

Can I use Polypipe with a suspended floor?

Polypipe’s Suspended Floors system uses robust aluminium double heat spreader plates to quickly and efficiently disperse heat evenly across the floor surface.

Polypipe and floating floors

When structural weight considerations come into play, opt for Polypipe Floating Floors . The Polypipe floating underfloor system works with both solid and timber floors to provide an efficient thermal performance.

What if I want a small area of underfloor heating?

When only a small area of floor needs heating, opt for Polypipe Modular Heating Panels . This is a great option for those looking to add heat to specific flooring areas. Polypipe’s Modular Heating Panels make it quick and easy to fit suspended floors, so it’s perfect for new build and renovation projects.

Can I install underfloor heating over an existing floor?

For those who want to install underfloor heating on a floor that is already in place, Polypipe offers two overlay systems. An overlay system means you can avoid digging out an existing floor. Instead, the panels are installed on the floor and the chosen floor covering placed on top. There are two Polypipe Overlay systems.

Overlay is used for heavyweight floor coverings – for example, ceramics and solid wood. Overlay Lite works with lightweight wooden flooring such as laminate, engineered wood and carpet.

Can I install my own underfloor heating?

Installation of a Polypipe Underfloor Heating system is best done by a Polypipe Registered Installer. Having said that, one of the great advantages of our favourite wet underfloor heating system Polypipe is that it is fairly easy to install, which means your underfloor heating engineer will charge less.

A DIY electric underfloor heating installation is possible – but if you have any doubts, we very much recommend getting a trained professional with expertise in underfloor heating. A professional installation will prevent avoidable underfloor heating problems and will help you to resolve any tricky situations during the work.

Here at TDL Online we have extensive know-how when it comes to Polypipe Underfloor Heating so please get in touch if you wish to discuss the options available to you with one of our trained members of staff.