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Underfloor Heating Costings and Quote

How much does underfloor heating cost?


Underfloor heating systems are complex so at TDL we take some information about your project and then come back to you with a quote for materials. That way we can give you an accurate shopping list that you can use to cost up your project. Once you’ve got your materials costed up, get some quotes from a few installers.

Fill in our quick and easy form today and we’ll get back to you with a materials quotation tailored to your underfloor heating project.


Polypipe Quote Service


How do I get an installation quote for an underfloor heating project?

Once you’ve decided which underfloor heating system to use, you’ll want to get a quote from a heating engineer. The system you use may have a list of registered installers – these will be heating engineers who have done extra training in the system in question. For example, here’s the list of Polypipe Registered Heating Engineers.

Pick three and get in touch. Good heating engineers get booked up quickly, particularly in winter months when they are busy with emergency heating repairs. So it’s best to start looking for an engineer as soon as possible.

Use the information that you gave to us to tell them about the job you want done. They will want to know about the heating system you already have in place, the size of rooms, the type of floor and intended floor coverings, and the underfloor heating system you wish to install. You should also let them know about any timing constraints you have – for example, if you want to be able to use the room by a certain date, or if a floor is being laid at a particular time.

They should come back to you with a quotation that includes a cost and a timetable for the work.

Can I save money on my underfloor heating installation by doing it myself?

We recommend getting the support of a professional underfloor heating engineer for your project. Some systems are cheaper to install than others because they are simpler to work with so let us know if this is a consideration. We definitely endorse the use of a recommended installer for a wet underfloor heating system because mistakes can be disruptive and expensive to rectify. Electric (or dry) systems are less complex.

How much does it cost to run underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating systems are typically the pricier option when it comes to running costs. That’s because wet underfloor heating systems run on gas, and gas is cheaper than electricity. We’ve seen studies that suggest that underfloor heating improves efficiency by between 15 and 40% over other heating systems.

An electric system is fairly easy to cost up. The system will have a kw per hour per square metre rating. Multiply this by the number of square metres you want to install to find out how much electricity the whole installation will use in an hour. And then multiply that figure by your electric company’s cost per kw. That will tell you how much money your underfloor heating will cost to run for an hour.