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When is the Best Time to Replace your Boiler?

When is the Best Time to Replace your Boiler?
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When the time comes to replace your boiler the cost can sometimes be a bitter pill to swallow. The cost of replacing your old boiler will likely be an unforeseen expense that you weren’t planning for.

With this in mind, it can pay off in the long term if you keep an eye on the condition of your boiler. An annual service is recommended too as it can help to identify smaller problems before they become more serious issues.

Boilers are probably the most used appliance in most UK homes and due to the value of the item and the fact that only a qualified engineer can fit it, there is never going to be a particularly great time to have to shell out for a new boiler.

That being said, with a bit of foresight you can make life a lot easier for yourself.

Most people consider  the spring & summer months of the year to be the best time to replace your boiler. There are a number of reasons that contribute to and we hope to explain further in this article.

  • Can you handle the cold?

    The spring and summer months are typically a lot warmer than in the autumn and winter months (although anything is possible in the UK!).

    When the cold conditions start to roll in during the winter the number of boiler breakdowns increase as more and more people start to rely on the use of their central heating systems. This this has a dramatic effect on the demand for central heating repairs and installations.

    By choosing to have a new boiler installation in the warmer months of the year it helps you to avoid having prolonged periods of having to suffer the colder temperatures should your boiler break or fail. Having to deal with no central heating is a lot easier if the sun is shining!
  • Price of installation

    As demand for heating services goes up, often you will find that the price involved in their installation and maintenance follows in suit.

    Over the winter period the demand for heating engineers and installers increases and this doesn’t always leave you in a particularly strong situation if your boiler needs replacing and you want to get a good price on a new replacement.

    In some cases you may have to wait a few days before you can receive any help and if you aren’t prepared to wait you may feel forced to pay additional emergency call out fees.

    It is less stressful all round if you enter the cold weather months with a new boiler already installed in your home. It not only gives you enormous peace of mind knowing you have a fully operational boiler to see you through the harsher conditions but it also means you can shop around on your own terms to find the best deal and don’t feel obliged to take a more expensive alternative due to necessity.
  • Time is precious

    With qualified installers busy in the colder weather months, it can often be difficult to find engineers available who have the time available to do the work required.

    If you have a heating engineer or company in mind that you want to do the installation, you can avoid missing out or having to wait an eternity for them to be free if you book your installation in advance.

    If you do this for the summer you will likely have a lot more options available and can get the work done at a time that suits your schedule.
  • Festive fund shortage

    With winter also comes the Christmas period, which as we all know can be a very expensive time of year.

    Not only can you take advantage of the better prices in the summer but having your installation booked in for the summer can also help you to to alleviate the impact of additional outgoings during a time of year when free cash isn’t often available and savings have already often been exhausted.


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