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How much does a new Combi Boiler Cost?

Combi boiler cost
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Here at TDL Online we understand that replacing your combi boiler can be a daunting and somewhat confusing task. This article hopes to shed some light on some of the things that should be taken into consideration and the costs associated with getting a new boiler.

The actual combi boiler cost can vary based on a number of things, including brand, performance and size.

Whether your boiler is on the blink or if you’re simply looking for an upgrade, then there are some key factors that are worth considering.

What kit do you need?

With most new combi boiler installations you will require the new Combi boiler appliance itself alongside a compatible flue and any heating controls you want to use.

The combi boiler itself can vary in price (from £500 to £2000) and this will be dictated by factors such as the brand, performance output and functionality.

 A flue will cost you around £50-£150 and a timer/programmer will vary in price depending on how it works and what timing and temperature options it gives you. The exact choice you go for will likely be a very personal decision as you will need to find a device that works in a way that you understand and meets your properties’ heating requirements. The devices tend to differ in lots of ways, with some enabling you to have greater control over your central heating and hot water system than others. There are mechanical, wireless and internet controlled devices and depending on what you opt for you can be looking at anything between £20-£250.


What else may be needed?

We always recommend seeking professional advice from a registered gas safe engineer, as they will be able to better assess your situation and advise what kind of combi boiler would best suit your needs. It may well be that your installer will also require additional heating accessories to complete the job (best check with them first!)

In addition to the essential kit you need, your installer may also state that you need some additional heating accessories such as filtration devices or flush chemicals. This will be at their discretion, but could set you back a further £40-£200 depending on what you require.


How much does a combi boiler cost to fit?

The next factor to account for is your installers labour costs. This is something we are unable to give a rough estimate on, as prices will vary depending on factors such as location, the size of the property and the amount of work that needs to be done (e.g. if it’s a simple straight swap it will be a lot cheaper than having to change system or move the boiler).

Another important factor is the installer’s hourly rate! With this in mind we always recommend getting quotations from approximately 3 installers, just to make sure you are getting fed the correct information and getting a decent price for the work involved.


What boilers are available?

Here at TDL we have a wide selection of combi boilers available from top industry names such as Worcester, Vaillant and Ideal. This hopefully helps to keep your new combi boiler cost down!

Take a look at some of our most popular sellers below:

Worcester Combi Boilers:

  • Worcester Greenstar i Combi boiler models
  • Worcester Greenstar Si Combi boiler models
  • Worcester Greenstar CDi Compact Combi boiler models
  • Worcester Greenstar Classic Combi boiler models
  • Worcester Greenstar CDi High Flow Combi boiler models

Vaillant Combi Boilers:

  • Vaillant EcoTec Pro Combi boiler models
  • Vaillant EcoTec Plus Combi boiler models
  • Vaillant EcoTec Exclusive Combi boiler models

Ideal Combi Boilers:

  • Ideal Independent C Combi boiler models
  • Ideal Independent C Plus Combi boiler models
  • Ideal Logic Combi boiler models
  • Ideal Logic Plus Combi boiler models