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Worcester LPG Boilers

Free delivery on Worcester LPG boilers


The phrase LPG stands for "Liquid Petroleum Gas". Here at TDL Online we sell a number of Worcester LPG boilers that are designed to run off an LPG fuel source.

Typically Worcester LPG boilers will be popular for those away from the main gas grid, such as mobile home residents or those in temporary constructions.

Order a Worcester LPG boiler today to enjoy free delivery and immediate dispatch.



 Get a FREE Calmag Scale Reducer with every Worcester boilers, Vaillant boilers and Baxi Boilers purchased  (regular price is £25.00 + VAT). Simply add your Calmag Scale Reducer to your cart after you have added the boiler and it will be FREE of charge! (Search for CALMAGWS )

                                                               Customer's will also enjoy a 5 year guarantee on all Worcester Bosch boilers.